This is one topic that can cause the home sewer a lot of anxiety. There’s just so much to get to grips with inside a pattern and without knowing your way around, it can be so easy to get stuck.

In this one day workshop we break it down into manageable sized chunks and go through each section bit by bit so you know what all the symbols, technical terms and diagrams mean. We then give you a booklet  to take home complete with pictues and explanations of all the stuff we’ve gone through during the day to help you get it right time and again.


Topics we look at include:

  • getting the information you need from the front and back of the envelope

  • How to choose your size

  • how to choose how much fabric to buy

  • what all the symbols mean and how to transfer them to your fabric

  • what is a ‘lay’ and why is it important

  • what the sewing techniques such as ‘understitching’ mean

  • methods for finishing your raw edges

  • how to read the diagrams

  • how to break down the instructions so you can follow them easier.

And much more.



Please note, you will not be making a project on this workshop, just going through the pattern and sampling a few of the techniques to take away to remind you later of how to do stuff.

£60.00 for the day (includes the booklet) and runs from 10 am until 4 pm. Bring a sewing machine, a packed lunch, notebook and pen.

To enroll email us at or get in touch via the contact page.