Machine embroidery  Winter Scene.


This is one of my favourite workshops! 


You can even use the finished piece as an image for your own personal and unique Christmas card this year. 


Machine embroidery is a fun and addictive way to get creative with the humble domestic sewing machine.

In this workshop you will be shown how to use scraps of fabrics and other textile items to create a scene suitable for wall hanging, cushion cover or anything else you can imagine.

As the title suggests you will use the creative process of machine embroidery to attach small pieces of “stuff” to a background to make up a scene. Bring in stuff from your own stash to really make it unique. 

Start by painting your own background fabric before creating your own unique fabric from scraps from which to cut leaves etc that add texture to your piece.


If you don’t have a machine that can do free-hand embroidery then we can loan you one for the day to see if you enjoy the technique.

The day runs from 10 am until 4pm and costs £45.00


Tea, coffee and sparkling water are provided. You will need to bring a packed lunch and the following:

  1. Background fabric – approx. A4/A3 or so.  White, off white or calico. You will need to stabilize this fabric with iron on interfacing or just use a pre-bonded lining fabric or felt instead.
  2. Three shades of green fabric cotton or silk etc. Fat quarters will do
  3. A mid brown fabric and a dark brown fabric and a bright red fabric (optional Robin Redbreast.)
  4. Green and brown threads.
  5. A selection of scraps, ribbons, yarns, sequins etc. in various shades of green.
  6. Embroidery hoop
  7. Embroidery threads, needles etc.
  8. Sewing kit.
  9. Pencil
  10. Paper scissors.
  11. Sewing machine, power pedal etc.
  12. Darning/embroidery foot for your machine

You will also need 

  • Water soluble fabric (enough to go in your hoop twice)
  • Bondaweb

If you can’t source these then I will have a supply at the studio for you to purchase so don’t worry.