Saturday November 24th Altered Bottle Workshop

This is a hands-on mixed media day where the emphasis is on playing with a variety of materials to express your creativity. The crafty buzzword at the moment is upcycling and this really is the ultimate in “going green” while enjoying yourself into the bargain.  Have fun transforming a bottle (or anything else you fancy) with decorative trims and motifs to create a truly unique item you can treasure.  All materials provided, just bring a clean empty glass bottle or two. (Plastic really doesn’t cut it here!)

During the day we will be exploring a few easy flower making techniques, paper folding, cutting, painting etc, some of the materials are self adhesive while others require glue (lots of glue) so please bear this in mind.

Our emphasis is on shabby chic as a theme for this workshop but if you have any items of your own choosing that you would like to use then please feel free to bring them along and inspire others in the process! We suggest old or broken jewelry, badges, bottle tops, labels, stickers, wrapping paper, ribbons etc.

If you don’t have anything to bring, don’t worry, we provide more than enough stuff. We have everything here; paper, glue, fabric, ribbons, yarns, motifs, pens, lace. The only thing we don’t have is glass paints. (That’s another workshop on it’s own!) but please bring yours if you want.

This workshop what we call a ‘Social Session’, meaning it is less formal than most workshops. It’s more of a relaxed, ‘have a go’ atmosphere where I will be joining in and making some bottles of my own. We all inspire and encourage each other while drinking tea and chatting.


The day runs from 10 am until 4 pm with a short break for lunch and the cost is £30.00 for the day.

There is a lot of gluing, sticking and painting required so make sure you wear old clothes!

It’s going to be a fun day so look forward to seeing you there.

To book please fill in the form on the contact page or email direct at 

If you have any questions you can also ring 01424 893912 or 07986694114