Creative textiles. – A Residential Retreat.



There is something so fundamental about the practice of working with cloth and stitch. It is ingrained into us as humans from the dawn of time. Working with me on a residential retreat is the perfect way to get in touch with how you want to explore this aspect of your creativity.

Using my background as a textile art practitioner and a City and Guilds tutor we can work together to devise a programme of experimentation and development to help you get the absolute maximum benefit from your time on the retreat whether you are a professional or just starting out and trying something new.

Use your previous work as a starting point or jump straight in as a complete novice; I can make suggestions as to next steps or be driven by your personal agenda if you have one. This really is YOUR time; a chance to completely immerse yourself and indulge in a variety of new techniques, to push yourself to new limits or just kick back and let the world fade away for a while.

So what happens on a retreat with me?

Arrival: we aim to meet up in the studio for a meet and greet session at 2pm. You will be allocated your rooms and given the tour. (Have you seen the venue? Just check out the rooms here,)

After settling in we have a chat about the options to maximise your time spent with me based on the questionnaire you filled in prior to booking. Then you are free to relax and get to know your fellow stitchers over dinner and maybe explore the grounds ans soak up the view for inspiration (weather permitting)

Some options to choose from could be:

  • Machine embroidery techniques
  • Water dissolvable fabrics and how to use them
  • Chenilling
  • Couching
  • Wet felting basics
  • Machine embellishing (dry felting)
  • Traditional machine applique
  • Contemporary machine applique
  • Machine embroidery portraits
  • Fabric sculpting and manipulation
  • Heat manipulation techniques
  • Design development for embroidery
  • Personal expression through a combination of multiple techniques
  • Developing personal practice (for those wanting to ‘Go Pro’)
  • Machine painting techniques
  • Textile jewellery
  • Decorating fabric with beads and/or shibori
  • Hand embroidery techniques as an additional embellishment
  • Markal paintsticks.
  • Mono printing
  • mixed media
  • working with upcycled fabrics
  • Peg loom weaving


Day One:  This is dedicated to making a start on your chosen techniques. At intervals you will be encouraged to assess your results and make decisions on where to go next. I might suggest a particular approach or a different material to get a different result. Your work will develop organically by keeping an open mind! Group discussions at the end of the session will help you to clarify your direction for the next day.

Day Two: Responding to your work and analysis from day one the organic process unfolds.

Day Three: Time to reflect and adjust direction or just forge full steam ahead cos you’re on a roll!

Day Four: The time we have left on the last day is spent cementing the knowledge with questions and troubleshooting, experimenting or going over anything you feel you need more time on. This day is for you to decide on how the time is spent and everyone does their own thing, with my help.



What do you need to bring?

You will each be given an individual materials and tools list according to your personal golas in response to the questionnaire you willreceive at the time of booking.

Previous students have also found it useful to take notes or photographs as they progress so a notebook, pen and camera is a good idea.