How to find us

Sass’s sewing workshop and classroom

Click on the link for a map or follow the directions,0.4227426,17z

Directions to Ninfield Studio
The address is: Prospect House, The Green, Ninfield. TN33 9JE

Prospect House is a Cornish ice-cream coloured L-shaped house on the main road that travels though the middle of Ninfield (the A269)  opposite the junction with Church Lane. The Studio is to the rear of the property accessed by a track to the right of the property as you look at it.


Track to right of house


Front view of house







There is hard parking outside the studio.


The Studio!


If there is no space outside the studio due to a copious quantity of large cars then parking is available on the driveway in front of the house. In this case help will be on hand to bring any equipment and materials through the house to the studio. Please do not struggle on your own.

Also please do not enter the house without invitation as we have several large dogs that, although friendly enough are a bit boisterous and need to be corralled!
All vehicles are parked at owner’s risk.

If you have any queries or concerns just get in touch.