It’s been a wonderful year for The Sewing School and while we are taking a break for the festive period I thought I’d do a quick recap of some of the wonderful projects that the students have undertaken in the last year or so. hopefully it will give you some inspiration to get in touch and unleash your own creativity.

First up we have a couple of amazing costumes form the immensely talented Stacey who makes (among other things) a variety of costumes for a local skating group. She is bold in her choice of colours and painstakingly adds embellishments by hand. she never uses glue as this is too risky in case any sequins drop off and pose a risk to skaters.


Child's green dress with orange flowers

Stacey’s “Jack in the Green” dress

View of the bodice of a childs green dress with orange flowers

Bodice of “Jack in the Green” dress

image of a green dress with orange flowers

“Jack in the Green” Dress



Navy blue velvet and gold skating costume

Velvet skating costume

Navy blue velvet skating costume

Velvet skating costume. back view

detail of the arm of navy blue velvet skating costume

detail showing the arm of navy blue velvet skating costume

frozen skater costume

frozen skater costume


Stacey has also made children’s capes, hot water bottle covers, cushions, pyjamas, etc. She is never stuck for ideas and constantly amazes with her passion for making things in cloth.

Then we have Lori, who came to class saying she wanted to do dressmaking for herself, skirts etc, yes, definitely dressmaking, clothes, you know… dressmaking.

And after seeing another student make one has done a succession of beautiful art dolls, not a dress or skirt in sight!

img_3123-597x800 img_3124-597x800 img_3125-580x800 img_3126-670x800 img_3128-597x800

We’ve also had a plethora of blouses, dresses, bags, tops, skirts, coats, cushions, curtains to name but a few. There’s so much to see that I thought I’d give you a selection and then remind you that students work can be seen on the facebook page as it happens, (More or less!) just google @sass.sewingschool.

girl's skirt made from a silk headscarf

girl’s skirt made from a silk headscarf

So,┬áhere’s a little (and I mean little) gallery of items made by students to inspire you.

monochrome bag - black and white fabrics

monochrome bag – very nice choice of fabrics


another bag, this time in jolly colours

dolls clothes

dolls clothes , check out the little design on the trousers! So cute!

little boy's trousers.

little boy’s trousers.


rainbow design bodice for a little girl’s dress

little boy's trousers with piped detail

little boy’s trousers with piped detail

gorgeous cushion

gorgeous cushion

homemade bunting

homemade bunting

hanging heart

sweet little hanging heart

handmade bag

handmade bag – check out the design on the fabric.

component parts for a doll

component parts for a doll

Cute little boy's trousers

Cute little boy’s trousers

dungarees in an unusual nautical design

dungarees in an unusual nautical design

 linen boy's top

lovely linen boy’s top

linen top for summer

linen top for summer

applique peacock in silk

applique peacock in silk