The results are in and the boffins agree that it is actually good for you to fast now and again. However, I cannot stress enough that it must be done in a controlled and safe manner.

So here’s my Blueprint for Safe Fasting for Sewers

  1. Make sure you inform your family that you intend to fast and for how long.
  2. Keep a journal of your fasting episodes. Write down how long your fasting lasts and how frequently you do it.
  3. You should also monitor how often during the fast your thoughts turn to sewing and work on strategies to avoid this. Sign up for our newsletter and get a free download of possible alternatives to sewing to do while you are fasting.
  4. Don’t go ‘all in’ to begin with. Try a few minutes at a time for the first week and build up to half an hour or so. Too much, too quickly is dangerous.
  5. Consider a fasting buddy. The cravings can be lessened if you can take each other’s minds off sewing, even for a short while.
  6. Join an online group for intermittent sewing fasters or, even better; check out if there is a physical group near you with regular meetings. This can strengthen your resolve.
  7. Remember, it is considered cheating if you do any of the following while you are fasting:
  • Think about sewing
  • Read books or magazines about sewing
  • Talk about sewing
  • Look at pictures of sewing
  • Look at things you have sewn, even in picture format or online.
  • Sort out any of your drawers or cupboards that contain any items even loosely connected to sewing.
  • Take sewing items you no longer need to a charity shop.
  • Look at the inside of a garment to see how it’s made while in a shop during a fast.
  • Watch factual television programmes about sewing. (This includes You Tube)
  • Watch TV series or movies where the characters either work in haberdashers or run a sewing business. (This includes ‘Suits’)
  • Mend anything with a needle and thread that could just as easily be done with a glue gun or staples.
  • Read ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’ to your grandchildren.
  • Apply for a job in a sewing store or college or next door to a sewing store or college, or in the same town as a sewing store or college, or for a job in a magazine about sewing.
  • Comment on someone else’s sewing.
  • Dream of fat quarters.
  • Sharpen your scissors.
  • Try to insert words related to sewing into everyday conversation in a way that looks as though you are not talking about sewing. For instance… “Where did you stash the cheese?’

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Meanwhile, here’s an image by Mathew Henry from Unsplash that perfectly sums up how I feel about fasting; intermittent or otherwise. And because some guru told me that pugs get you more ‘engagement’ on your posts.

Happy sewing, guys!