16th September Crafty textiles: textured fabric manipulation using applied heat

16th September Crafty textiles: Textured Fabric Manipulation 

As part of our Crafty Textiles series this workshop introduces you to the wonderful world of “Heat Techniques” where we will explore the potential for creativity in using applied heat to alter the surface of man -made textiles. This can be achieved in a variety of ways to enhance fabric to be used in further projects. As with all our creative classes you will be encouraged to explore your love of colour and stitch to develop your own style and originality.

During the day you will be encouraged to use both a heat gun and a soldering iron to manipulate fabrics and other materials to create a variety of textile surfaces for use in a range of projects.

We will explore strange and wonderful materials such as tyvek and lutradur; transform humble polyester fabrics into weird and strange new shapes, add colour, stitch and other embellishments to bring about a collection of samples to work from in your own personal projects.

The results can be used in  jewellery, cardmaking, artworks such as hangings, landscapes, seascapes, urban scenery, floral images and just about anything else you can think of.

Lutradur, tyvek and fabric paints will be provided but you might want to bring your own beads, threads, paints, brushes and a sewing machine. if you have your own soldering iron or heat gun then that would be an advantage but not compulsory as we have some to share here.



“Autumn Leaf” Heat techniques experiment with layered fabrics and stitch

Heat techniques experiment with layered fabrics and stitch

The day runs from 10 am until 4pm with a break for lunch and costs £50.00

You will need a machine that can do free-motion machine embroidery but we have plenty here for you to borrow if necessary, just get in touch. (you don’t need prior experience at this as we can set it all up for you)

You will also need the following

 A basic sewing kit of large and small scissors, pins, etc.

A wide variety of scraps and remnants of man made fabrics in different weights such as chiffon, organza, satin, polyester dress fabric. If you cannot source these then you can purchase an “exciter pack” for the day from us for £8.00 that will contain all the fabrics you need for the class with extras to play with at home. (Let us know in advance and express a colour preference)

A heat or craft  gun if you have one. We have some here to use if you don’t but bring it if you do.

You will also need a couple of pieces of natural fabric such as silk, cotton or linen to act as a resist or background as these fabrics will not be affected by the heat and so will provide a support or contrast.

Notebook and pen (optional)

Camera (optional but we find its useful to take pictures of your work in progress to remind you of the process when repeating it later at home.)

As with all our courses please do not buy any materials or tools, attachments etc until you have received confirmation that the course is running.